What is Kutus Kutus?

Kutus Kutus is a herbal oil derived from a diverse mixture of plants, roots, bark and herbs. Specially prepared in a traditional way, resulting in an oil which promotes the healing process.

How does it work?

Kutus Kutus will activate the energy of the body that is often called Chi. Once applied it automatically helps maintain balance and health to the body. Chi energy is the core of life. Which flows on the meridian lines of our bodies. For example, if there is interference or blockage there will be a disruption to the organs of the body.

How to use

Simply add a small amount (or one spray) to the affected area and massage in until the oil is absorbed into the skin. The oil can also be sprinkled on in drops. Whilst it is a natural oil, it is not recommended to consume the oil, but rather to apply directly to skin only.

Tanamu Tanami Soap Bars are a premium soap scrub derived from the spice extraction coupled with Tanamu oil. This bar aids a variety of skin complaints, through the composition of Tamanu oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and spices. It makes for a soothing and lavish sensation when used.

Tanamu Tanami soap can aid in skin complaints such as acne, dry and scaly skin, chapped skin, blisters, burns and bruises. Pure coconut oil helps moisturize and clarify skin as well as assist hair growth.

How to Use Tanamu Tanami Soap
Simply wet the skin lather the bar apply to the body then rinse off with clean water

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