The oil is made in Bali from a blend of natural ingredients and has been proven to help over 69 types of diseases. Crushed breaking oil is often used as a complement to medical treatment to improve the energy path of the body so that healing is much faster. As for the benefits of Kutus Kutus Oils Oil to help the family health are as follows:

1. Uric Acid, Rheumatism, Tingling, Painful Joint, Sprain, Wrong sleep, Backache, neck strained, nerve , arthritis pain. Muscle Pain, Swollen Muscles, Muscle Seizures, Sportswear, Bruises due to impact

2. Indigestion, constipation, hemorrhoids / hemorrhoid, ulcers, flatulence, internal heat Coughing, Overcoming Flu Symptoms, Fever, Wind Entrance, Hot Tub, Symptoms of Tipes, Dengue Fever, Vertigo, Headache, Spinning Head, Migraine, dizziness, motion sickness, tension head

3. Increase sexual vitality, maintain stamina when working hard, increase sperm, fertility, menstrual pain, irregular menstruation, cysts, miom, anyang anyangan, Toothache, Sprue, Swollen Gums All Types of Allergy (food, dust, aroma, environment, cold, etc.

4. All Types of Injuries (Burns, Exhaust, Blood, Ulcers, Hot water / oil, Diabetic Injuries)

5. Eliminate any kind of itching, insect/mosquito bites

6. Ulcers, Warts, Acne, Overcoming blackheads, Dull face, Black spots on the face, Mole continues to enlarge

7. Mosquito & tick deterrent

8. Lost fat / cellulite, Smooth the skin, Knees, and Broken feet

9. Tense, insomnia, anxiety, stress, unpleasant feelings, psychological disorders.

10. Help cure Degenerative diseases such as diabetes, stroke, asthma, high tension, heart, Parkinson’s.

Apply Kutus Kutus Oil in the following areas:

1. Along the spine (from the tail bone to the back of the nape)

2. Organs that feel uncomfortable or have health complaints

3. The soles of the feet and the sidelines of the toes while pressed lightly using the thumb of the hand.

Keep Healthy with Kutus Kutus Oil

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